About DeTurck…

There are many ways to spell that family name…

But since my ancestors spelled it as DeTurck, I will continue to use it that way.  I am a descendant of Isaac DeTurck, the immigrant (1685-1727) who settled in the Oley Valley in 1712.  His land deeded by William Penn, was given to his son, John who then divided the original parcel of land to his sons.  My father, Harold LeVan DeTurck was the 8th generation to own this land.  During the years, some of it was sold to the Berks County VoTech School, Friedens Lutheran Church & the Oley Valley School District.  The remaining property was sold to Bill Gotwals in 2000.

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the Oley Valley.  My grandparents, Dr. Daniel & Hannah DeTurck, lived on Main Street in Oley as did my great-grandparents, Abraham & Alice.  My grandfather was a veterinarian & I was allowed to watch him attend to big animals on the farms in the valley.  My parents had tenant farmers on our farm, but we were there every weekend to visit & check on things & often stayed in the spring house by the creek.  After my dad retired, my parents lived on the farm until their declining health forced a move.  My memories of going to the Oley Fair every year are vivid.  My uncle, Henry Eyrich supplied the potatoes for those yummy French fries & my aunt, Anna DeTurk always entered her creations in the fair exhibit halls.  The DeTurck & Eyrich presence in the Oley Fair & Oley Valley have carried on for generations.

Since I returned to live in Berks County in 2019, I have visited the Gotwals farm now owned by Brad & Scarlett & noticed the deteriorated state of the DeTurck Cemetery #2.  The DeTurck Cemetery #1 is on the original DeTurck farm at the end of DeTurck Road & is now owned by Bill Gotwals.  Cemetery #2 is in need of major restoration & Meredith Goldey, BCAGP Board member, DeTurck descendant & I are spearheading this project. 

We have been reaching out to descendants of the DeTurck family by social media & other ways that we hope will gain interest & money for this project. 

If you are able to help in any way, please contact us. 

Thank you. 

Barbara DeTurck Witman


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